wholesale portable flame plasma cnc cutting machine RM1530

Brief introduction

This kind of portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is specially developed for steel plate cutting,2 kinds of cutting modes are provided:plasma cutting and flame cutting,working size can be customized upon requirements,this portable cnc plasma and flame cutting machine is characterized of easy operation,compact structure and low cost.It is suitable for large, medium and small mines, widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, suitable for carbon steel (flame cutting), and stainless steel.


1.Good Working stability, high frequency interfere effectively plasma, lightweight portable.
2.Support two cutting ways of flame and plasma.
3.Economic benefits, the structure and design is contracted. it adopts humanistic positive man-machine conversation and operate easil.
4.Cutting has high quality, high effect level, high precision.
5.Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc.
6.Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn. Can convert CAD file to program file in computer, through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds' graphs. And also can program and operate directly on the machine.
7.English and Chinese interface can free to convert.
8.Pre-sale will train and after-sale will track service.


It can cut mild steel (flame cutting) and high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal (plasma cutting), etc, thus is widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding.

Technical Data

Frequency50HZ / 60HZ
Rated Power Supply180W
LCD Display Dimension7.0 Inches
Effective Cutting Width(X axis)1250mm
Effective Cutting Length (Y axis)2000mm, 2500mm,3000mm
Cutting Speed300mm/s
Plasma Cutting Thickness2--40mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
Flame Cutting Thickness6--150mm
Cross Beam Length1500mm
Longitudinal Rail Length2500mm,3000mm,3500mm
Gas Pressure0.6- 0.8Mpa
Oxygen Pressure0.6-0.8 Mpa
Cutting GasAcetylene/Propane/oxygen
Plasma Power SourceRuiduncnc 45A/85A/105A
Cutting Modeflame and plasma
Ignition deviceAuto ignition device
Cutting precision±0.5mm
Control accuracy±0.01mm
Working Temperature-10°C-60°C