CNC Table Plasma Cutting Machine

table model cutter Cnc sheet metal plasma cutting machine

1.Don't need programming.
CAD drawing software automatic conversion, the U disk into the cutting machine for cutting processing.

2.dual purpose(selective assembly).
Can according to user needs to go as a way for both plasma and flame cutting.

3.operation maintenance.
With 7 inch VGA LCD, all adopt Chinese characters display (also can according to user requirements, equipped with a variety of languages such as English, Russian version). Display below a reminder of various operating methods, the operator simply training, can be the operations, use very convenient.

4.With slotted automatic compensation function.

5.The original trajectory can be rolled back processing operations.

6.Can make power response to operation.

7.Can assist set and automatic sorting, so as to realize continuous bulk cutting.

8.The system has high reliability, fault self-diagnosis.

9.Turning can be automatically slow down, to better improve the cutting quality.

Technical parameter

1Lateral span1500mm
2Effective Cutting Width1250mm
3Longitudinal guide rail length3000N/mm2
4Effective Cutting Length2500degree
5Plasma cutting thicknessCarbon steel is ≤6mm
6Cutting torch lifting height0~100mm
7Cutting speed0-8000mm/min
8Cutting surface roughness12.5μm ≤Ra≤25μmμm
9CNC systemF2300T CNC system
10Plasma supply63A


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