pump integrated air plasma cutting system

Product Description

Simple and reliable controlling procedure, low malfunction rate, easy to maintain.
Using compressed air which guarantees safe and reliable operation.
Built-in overheat protection, over-voltage protection, under voltage protection and lack of compressed air pressure protection.
Adjustable output current to satisfy the cutting demands of various materials and thickness of working plates.
Fast cutting speed, smooth incision, no deformation and high utilization rate of sheet materials. Apply for vehicles, shipbuilding, boiler, chemical, food, medicine, machinery processing kitchen environment etc.


The cnc plasma power don't need to connect the air compressor ,can work directly,the machine inside have air compressor.

Working Conditions and Working Environment:

Working conditions: reliable protection grounding.
Power supply voltage: AC 380V ± 10%
Working environment:
Relative humidity: ≤90% (monthly average temperature ≤20°C)
Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
The use of the cutting machine should not seriously affect the harmful gases, metal dust, chemical precipitation, mold and other flammable, explosive and corrosive media used by the cutting machine; avoid rainwater intrusion and should not be used in the rain.


Voltage3-phase 380V±10%3-phase 380V±10%3-phase 380V±10%3-phase 380V±10%
Rated input12.5A21A12.5A21A
Rated output63A100A63A/280A100A/350A
Cutting current adjustment range20-63A20-100A20-63A20-100A
Welding current adjustment range//50A-280A50A-350A
Electric welding rated no-load voltage//71V71V
Cutting rated no-load voltage300V330V//
Rated load60%60%60%60%
Arc ignitionNon contact modeNon contact modeNon contact modeNon contact mode
Working  gas0.3--0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa0.3-0.6Mpa
High quality≤20mm≤32mm≤20mm≤32mm
cutting thickness
cutting thickness
Gas lag time6s6s6s6s
Dimensions (length*width*height)530*335*510mm630*335*560mm630*335*560mm700*335*560mm

Operation Method:

Connect the input cable to the three-phase 380V power supply. Note that the power cable cross-section connecting the input cable should be greater than 2.5 mm2.
Close the power switch of the cutting machine, the power indicator light is on, the cooling fan works; set the function switch to the “check gas” position, the built-in air pump starts, and the air should be sprayed on the torch. If the air pump does not start successfully, the power input phase may be wrong. Please change any two firewire positions. It may be that one phase lacks one phase. Please check if the power input is out of phase.
Set the function switch to the “cut” position and press the torch handle switch. The torch should be equally ventilated.
Select the appropriate current and cutting speed according to the thickness and material of the workpiece to be cut.
Cutting:Use P80 non-contact cutting gun, hold the torch to the starting position, align the nozzle with the cut workpiece, and let the torch tilt forward by 15 degrees, press the torch handle switch, at this time, first ventilate, then high frequency After the arc is triggered, the high frequency is automatically turned off after the arc is successfully turned on; after the workpiece is penetrated, the torch is started to move; the cutting is finished, and the handle switch is released.
Soldering: Place the function switch in the “hand arc welding” position, remove the plasma cutting gun, insert the welding pin quick connector into the “weld wire” socket, adjust the appropriate current, and start welding.


Installation Precautions:

Warning: In order to ensure your personal safety, it is strictly forbidden to replace the electrodes and nozzles when the machine is turned on! Do not aim the torch at any part of the body! In order to avoid accidental injury!
There is high voltage at the output of the cutting machine! Do not touch the output terminals, torch nozzles and other conductive parts when power is on!
In order to protect the safety of equipment and personnel, please be sure to choose the protective grounding according to the way of your own power supply system: use 4mm2 wire to connect with the protective earthing end of the cutting machine!
The cutting machine should be placed on dry and ventilated, and the surrounding items should be no less than 0.5 meters away from the cutting machine.
Do not use in rain or high humidity environment!
Before cutting, please read the instruction manual carefully and use the machine correctly according to the relevant process specifications.