Portable Single-Arm CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Description

The Portable CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine ZL1630, excellent performance of the product, convenient man-machine interface, friendly operation and a strong nesting software and high-quality hardware configuration, is the ideal cutting machinery.

Our portable CNC flame and plasma cutting machine ZL1630 is kind of portable and single-arm structure. Maximum effective cutting width is 1.6 meter and effective cutting length can be infinitely extended. Numerical control system operation interface contain multiple languages, easy operation and comes with FastCAM nesting software. Aluminum alloy guide rail and single-side drive. This machine can configure flame/plasma torch automatic height control system, supporting flame and plasma cutting.


The CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine has a full range of functions, high degree of automation, high cutting precision, good quality, strong dynamic stability characteristics, is mainly used for metal plate surface of various shapes of flame and plasma cutting.


Good quality
Easy operation
CNC flame and plasma cutting machine
Portable and single-arm structure
Aluminum alloy guide rail
High cutting precision
Excellent performance of the product
Convenient man-machine interface
Strong nesting software
Strong dynamic stability
High-quality hardware configuration
Used for metal plate surface of various shapes


Model: ZL1630
Power voltage: 110 V, 60 Hz
Guide rail width(X axis): 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Guide rail length(Y axis): 3.5 m(11.5 ft) matching
Effective cutting width: 1.6 m (5.2 ft)
Effective cutting length: 3 m (9.8 ft) or matching
Flame cutting thickness: 8 - 150 mm (0.3 - 5.9 inch)
Plasma cutting thickness: Matching power supply
Moving precision: 0.01mm/step
Drive type: single-side
Max. speed: 4000 mm/min
Height distance: 0 - 70 mm (0 - 2.8 inch)
Relative humidity: 90%
Ambient temperature: 0 - 45 ºC (32 - 113 ºF)
Plasma height control mode: THC
Flame height control mode: Electronic control button
Gas supply of plasma: Atmosphere(air compressor)
Gas supply of flame: Oxygen & LPG/Propane/Acetylene/Coal gas

Package Content

    • 1 x Host machine
    • 1 x Transverse guide rail(X axis) assembly
    • 1 x Longitudinal guide rail(Y axis) assembly
    • 1 x Torch assembly
    • 1 x 5m Power cord
    • 1 x Plasma torch cable crossbar
    • 2 x Crossbar bracket
    • 1 x 3m Plasma four core arc cord
    • 1 x Arc pressure increase
    • 1 x Plasma lift body with automatic positioning
    • 2 x Tube buckle
    • 1 x Gas supply interface
    • 2 x Wrenches
    • 1 x G20 machine cut mouth
    • 1 x Software dongle
    • 1 x Programming software CD
    • 1 x Certificate, System user 's manual, Mechanical operation manual