control system

The CNC plasma control system has 7inch touchscreen, with built - in 48 figures,English interface and other 8 languages(Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Nederlands, French, Japanese, Korean).

The cnc portable and table plasma cutter use F2100B, SF2100, etc. control systems. The cnc gantry plasma cutter use F2300, F2500, F5200, etc. We adopt START, STARFIRE control systems and also can equipped according to customers' need.

StarCAM nesting software

STARCAM drawing kit software is composed of drawing module (StarCAM), nesting module (StarNEST) and numerical control code simulation module (StarPLOT) three modules, each module can run independently, but also call each other. Support a variety of CNC cutting control machine NC programming. among them:

Graphic drawing, editing, zooming, copying, array, rotation and so on of drawing parts; support for editing and exporting CAD graphics files (eg, CAM, DXF, DWG, IGES) for other formats, Library management; and CAD graphics can be optimized. The machining code for the cutting path and NC machining can be generated for the part.

The nesting module can be used to carry out bulk parts nesting on multi-part parts on rectangular plate or sheet material. It supports short-term continuous cutting, common edge and bridging technology to reduce the number of perforations, improve sheet utilization, high speed and high efficiency. Nesting, matrix nesting, interactive nesting and surplus material nesting, and can quickly generate a variety of CNC cutting equipment required for the NC code.

The simulation module can simulate the NC code generated by the above two modules and can be run in single step, step by step, and NC code editing in the simulation process can be verified to verify the correctness and rationality of the NC code and improve the production efficiency. , And can estimate the processing costs.

FastCAM Nesting Software

FastCAM is a powerful CAD plotting software specially used for number control cutting and it can read CAD DXF files and choose and output the NC files of different controllers; in addition, it can speed cutting obviously, heighten cutting quality and thus improve social and economic benefits.

Plotting System

Compatibility of plotting software
Special functions to DXF files;
CAD clearing function;
CAD compacting function;
CAD extraction function;
CAD breaking and ranking functions.
Bridge function, including continuous bridge, break bridge and interruption bridge.

Cutting Path

Able to automatically or manually set cutting direction.
Able to set cutting starting port, finishing point and cutting sequence.
Able to set leadin and leadout.
With the mid-layer function of CAD, able to set and conduct cutting, marking and drilling etc.

Nesting System

Able to nest quickly, continuously and automatically by placing hundreds of parts on many steel plates.
Able to conduct optimized nestling on the rest steel plates.
Able to manually interrupt AC automatic nestling and interfere with discharge.
In the optimized nestling process, able to specify, revise and choose parts and have free horizontal movement, rotation and matrix etc.

Verifying System

Able to have analogue check and change to NC cutting files.
Able to calculate material cost and processing cost.
Able to support many controller NC codes and switch among different codes.
Able to provide many languages that Windows platform supports.
Printing: Discharging drawings and name, discharging parts list;
steel plate size, cutting speed, cutting time and steel plate utilization rate;
Programming parameters and number control codes.


Used for CNC plasma and flame cutting machine

Plasma cutting nozzle and electrodes

Main Features

1.Supply series of accessories for plasma cutting torches
2..Good price, good quality, good capacity.
3.Nozzle part : 1.1/1.3/1.5/1.7mm

MODELP80 nuzzles electrode
Hole diameter1.1/1.3/1.5/1.7 mm
certificateCCC CE
qualityhigh  quality

Hot p80 air plasma cutting torch

1. Cable Length: 5M,8M,10M,15M etc.
2. CE certificate
3. 10 year produce experience

Main Feature
1To start arc with contact type high frequency makes it fast and convenient
2With swirling eddy of shunt,it ensures plasma arc is vertical
3Cable Length can be customized, standard length is 8.0 m.
4Related Plasma Consumables can be offered together
5Nozzle (1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7), Electrode, Shield


It can control torch lifting body to let plasma cutting torch up and down automatically.

F1620 height controller is designed for portable table and gantry plasma and flame cutting machines. Automatic height adjustment device combines the capacitor detection, arc voltage detection, stepper motor height control, high precision screw linear guide mechanical transmission of various parts, the use of micro-single-chip computer control, in the automatic calibration function with the direct display torch height.

F1620 automatic height adjustment device has a very good hardware reliability. Shell selected sealed anti-interference waterproof and moisture-proof aluminum box design, especially for flame cutting, plasma cutting high temperature, high electromagnetic interference harsh environment. Simple interface control, suitable for all flame cutting, plasma cutting CNC system can also be used alone.

We have F1620, HYD series and also can be customized according to customers need.

torch lifter

1)Quick Detail:

1.Lifter for torch height controller
2.used for Digital and Straight Strip Cutting Torch
3.Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine-use


The torch height controller has function of automatically control the height and adjust the location, it is suitable for plasma and flame cutting machine, connect digital /straight Strip cutting torch, control the height and adjust the location, then balance the distance of steel and cutting nozzle.


Torch height controller is used to adjust the distance between steel plate and cutting nozzle, in order to assure cutting quality and prolong the using of the cutting nozzle.