63A huayuan plasma power source
63A huayuan plasma power source


It is suitable for cutting kinds of metal materials like low carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metal and is widely applied in the manufacturing of boiler pressure container, chemical container, industrial power station construction, metallurgy, aerospace industry, automobiles, building and so on.


LGK-100/160/200/300IGBT inverter air plasma cutting machine is a new generated cutter of our company. It has good characteristics as following:

1) This cutting machine adopts IGBT inverter technology which has high reliability and efficiency. It is light weight.

2) Pre-set current function. Stepless adjustable cutting current, suitable for cutting various thickness workpiece. To ensure cutting quality and save energy, low current is applied to cut thin plate, and high current is applied to cut thick plate.

3) External and dynamic characteristics cutter are significantly better than leakage-reactance typed cutter. High success rate in striking arc. Stable cutting current. Good arc stiffness.Clean and smooth incision. Excellent technology performance.

4) It has the function of ascending current slowly, which can effectively extend the work life of wearing parts and cutting torch.

5) Quite suitable for CNC automatic cutting and has all signal output which is required by CNC control.

6) The cutting current is very stable and it will not be influenced by grid voltage fluctuation.

7) 100% duty cycle. It can work continuously under max current.

8) Have over/ under voltage and phase missing protection function.

Input PowerV/Hz3~  380V± 15%    50/60  Hz
Rated Input capacityKVA9.517.822.232.238.870.193.5
Rated Input CurrentA14.527344971100138
Rated Open Circuit VoltageV300300300315315380380
Rated Cutting CurrentA63100120160200300400
Rated Cutting VoltageV106120128144160200200
Current Adj RangeA30~6330~10030~12040~16040~20060~30060~400
Max Cut Thickness(Steel)mm25404555658090
Quality Cutting Thickness(Steel, hand-held)mm0.3~120.3~220.3~251~351~451~501~50
Quality Cutting Thickness(Steel, machine)mm61215253540
Plasma  gas-Compressed  Air
Air  PressureMpa0.3~0.50.4~0.60.45~0.6
Output  Signal  of  Arc  Voltage-1: 1  /  1: 20  1: 50  /  1: 100 Arc  Voltage
Cutting  Torch  Cooling  Mode-Air  coolingAir  cooling/Water  cooling
Rated  Duty  Cycle%60/40° C100/40° C
Insulation  Grade-F
Protection  Grade-IP21S
Dimensions(L× W× H)mm585x280x485695× 320× 580695×320×580800×380×650800× 380× 810890× 420× 900
Power  Source  N. W.Kg2645466582124144

Work Environment Requirements

Welding performance may not meet technique standards without the following conditions.
1. It should be placed with small dust, no corrosive gases and no flammable and explosive materials. Avoid vertical sunshine and rain;

2. Air relative humidity is no more than 90% at 20℃ and no more than 50% at 40℃

3. When using air cooling torch, the ambient temperature should be from -10℃ to 40℃.

4. It should avoid metal foreign bodies entering into the cutting power.

5. Cutting power should be 30cm away from the wall or other sealed-in objects. The distance between two sets should be above 30cm.

6. The operation height should be less than 1000m.


Plasma gas conditions:

Work pressure range:0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Gas supply pipe compression strength :≥1MPa
Gas supply pipe inner dimension:≥Φ8
Gas supply flux:≥180L/min
Filter water from gas and then put it into cutter


1.The cutter cannot be operated and placed in strong sunshine.
2.The cutter cannot be operated and placed in moist environment.
3.The vent hole should not be covered when the cutter is operated.
4.The cutter should be operated and placed in drafty environment.
5.The cutter casing should be opened once a year at least. Clean up the dust and metal scraps inside the machine by use of compressed gas.
6.Check regularly if the cable insulation cover is damaged. If there is any damage, repair it or change it.
7.Check regularly if the electric connection is loose and then tighten it.
8.Drain out regularly the water and impurities from filtering reducing valve.
Notes: When maintaining the cutter, professional electrician is required to dismantle the power wire from distribution box and open the machine casing.


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