gantry flame and plasma cnc cutting machine RM4080

Brief introduction

Multi-torch CNC plate cutting machine. The frame use gantry structure, bilateral drive to improve cutting quality. Host N Group front torch for longitudinal straight cut back a set of lateral torch for straight cuts, improve cutting efficiency. The machine can configure torch number, longitudinal and transverse cutting configured according to user needs, can be cut more once to walk one time.


1. This mode is suitable for the steel industry or make steel straight cutting relatively large amount of users.

2. Straight torch choice is based on the number of torch used steel straight cutting width and the minimum size to choose.

The machine can be made in front of CNC contour cutting back straight cutting multi-purpose function.

3. Machine frame is 8mm thick steel plate welded thicker than the other manufacturers, to improve the structural strength and enhance life. make sure the working stable and cutting precision

4. The front beam thickness is 20mm , one-time finished by large gantry milling machine,

increasing the surface high smoothness, Rail groove is also one-time finished by large milling machine, increasing the beam rail straightness and parallelism, to ensure the positioning accuracy.

5. Adopt hollow design: increasing structural strength, to remove the hard power and take away the heat when cutting and prevent the frame from deformation.


ModelPLD Multi-Torch CNC cutting Machine
Cutting Range3m (2350mm)
Machine Size3 m (3500*2400*1800mm)
Cutting MethodFlame/Plasma
Cutting ThicknessFlame:6-160mm

Plasma:Standard 2-14mm depend on plasma source

Flame Cutting Speed20-700 mm/min
Ignition ModeAutomatic Ignition
Max Perforation Thickness14mm
Max Edge Thickness18mm
Move Speed1-4000mm/min
Plasma torch anti-collision systemYes
Drive ModeStepper or Servo
Nesting SoftwareSTARCAM
Working condition
Working pressure of compressed gasAbove 7Mpa
Gas Flow4500L/H
Working environmentVentilation, no concussion
Power5KW(not include plasma Power)
Gas TypeAcetylene Propane