gantry cnc plasma metal cutter machine

Product Description

New Multifunction And Cost Effective Gantry Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine / Cnc Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cnc is a professional cutting machine develop by Jinan Zaiqiang New Energy technology company.This Cutting machine is cost less and easy for move.Much suitable for some small and medium company.

Cutting modePlasma/Flame
SeriesGantry Cutting machine
SizeEffective Cutting width3000mm
Effective Cutting length6000mm
Spain of Guide Rall4000mm
Length of Guide Rall8000mm
Moving speed (Max)>12000mm/min
Lifter height>150mm
FunctionARC THCOptional
Control systermShanghai Jiaotong University
Working woltage220V,50Hz
Material of machine6063 aluminum housing

Main features

New Multifunction And Cost Effective Gantry Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine / Cnc Plasma Cutter/Plasma Cnc

1, programmable cutting of any plane shape parts.
2, dynamic image display, easy to learn, directly from the computer CAD file into a program file, through the U disk to the host, to achieve image cutting, you can also directly in the host programming settings.
3, rails and sliders using the overall aluminum alloy by high temperature failure drawing die, replacing the old paragraph wheel mode. To ensure the stability of the entire system operation and accuracy
4, the whole longitudinal movement of the machine by the high-precision molds and guide wheel composition, to avoid the vertical and horizontal jitter.
5, support multiple languages can be freely converted.
6, affordable, lightweight and portable, easy to operate, work stability and strong. Effective shielding of plasma high frequency interference.
7, the plasma cutting arc sub-tracking increase, can automatically detect the height of the plate to automatically adjust, effectively avoid the gun and broken arc and other failures, effectively ensure the life of the cutting mouth.
8, with the domestic plasma and imported plasma perfectly compatible

Control systerm

Our control systerm was produced by Shanghai Jiaotong University.

You can choose more than 45 kinds of Photos to cut

There is a speed control at the corner automatic.

Supports edge cutting, offset cutting

You can enjot the function of Power off, breakpoint protection memory.

Load switch

Load Switch is on the outside of Carbinet.

When there is a emergency coming,it can cut off the power automatically.

Then you can make sure the safe of cutting work.

Finished Products

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Plasma Cnc Cutting Machine For Metal Cutting

This equipment is suitable for carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, titanium plate and other metal materials
This product can be applied to a variety of mechanical products processing, advertising industry and handicraft processing