gantry cnc plasma cutting machinery

Quick Details

Condition: New
Place of Origin: shandong, China (Mainland)
Gauge: 2000mm-12000mm
Effective cutting widt: Track gauge - 800mm
Numerical control syste:ECKEL MANN originally imported from Germany
Driving mode: Two-side servo drive
Deceleration system: Neugart Germany
Idle running speed: 12000mm/min
Cutting length: ≤track length-2000mm
Cutting quality: JB/T10045.3-1999 standard,GermanDIN2310 standard
After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided

Product description

1.Fine pore technology is adopted to realize 1:1 fine small hole cutting.

2.The wide beam design guarantees the rigidity and stability of the equipment.

3.Whole furnace annealing is adopted for treatment of non-ignorable structural parts after being welded, which guarantees the stabilization of the machining process as well as the stability and accuracy of equipment operation for a long time.

4.The surface sandblasting of non-ignorable structural parts after annealing improves the aesthetics of surface paint and the surface coating adhesion and long-term corrosion resistance.

5.Machined parts are subjected to fine machining by the Company's high precision numerical control equipment so as to offer further guarantee in terms of fine plasma cutting and fine small hole cutting.

6.The use of international famous brands of numerical control system, servo system, reducer, plasma cutting system makes the machine operation more stable and reliable.

7.PLC integrated control is adopted for coordinated operation of the machine, which improves the flexibility and mobility of equipment in the control process.

8.According to different products,we provide differnent payment methods.

Product parameters

Effective cutting widt
Track gauge - 800mm
Numerical control syste
ECKEL MANN originally imported from Germany
Driving mode
Two-side servo drive
Servo system
      Vertical and horizontal directions: Panasonic Japan          Elevating: Panasonic Japan
Deceleration system
Neugart Germany
Plasma power and cutting torch
The original German Kjellberg classlaser Smart Focus plasma cutting power and PerCut2000 and PerCut4000 cutting torches
Arc pressure height adjustment device
Height Control B1000 originally imported from Germany
Plasma model
Smart Focus130
Smart Focus200
Smart Focus300
Cutting thickness range
Perforation thickness
Maximum cutting thickness
Cutting speed
Stainless steel 12mm:
Stainless steel 20mm:
Stainless steel 30mm:
Idle running speed
Standard track length
10000 mm, the length can be chosen according to the use requirements
Cutting length
≤track length-2000mm
Cutting quality
JB/T10045.3-1999 standard,GermanDIN2310 standard