gantry CNC metal cutting machine

Quick Details

Type: Fully Automatic
Advantage: High Efficiency
Color:Can be customized according to customer requirement
Application: Cutting
Cutting Mode: Plasma Cutting; Flame Cutting
Cutting Speed (mm/min):0-3000(Max.4000)
Verticality: (Flame)1°-3°/(Plasma)1°-5°
Input Power: 220±10%V AC 50HZ 220W
Torch Height Control Style: Motor Control
Type Of Gas For Flame Cutting: Oxygen + Acetylene Gas / Oxygen + Propane Gas

Product Description

This CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is gantry structure, the transverse span is from 3 meter to 10 meter, with a variety of specifications, adopt linear guide rail, bilateral drive, can be equipped with multiple flame, plasma cutting torch and matched automatic height adjustment system according to the requirements of users, can be configured to CNC cutting and straight cutting. The functions can be selected by CNC cutting machine are automatic ignition, mechanical height adjustment, capacitance adjustment, arc pressure adjustment and powder spraying and lineation etc. Its main function is that the control system adopts IPC, the CAD graphics can be drawn directly on site, and timely graphic tracking during cutting.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is widely used in pressure vessels, automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, machinery, chemicals, mines, metal manufacturing in production lines and so on.


1.Modern, energy efficient power source;
2. Excellent cutting performance;
3. Improve the productivity, it can work for 24 hours with non-stop;
4. Improve the working condition, and the robot can work under hostile environment for a long time;
5. Reduce the requirement of the operation technology for the workers;
6. Shorten the period of the product changing,shorten the relevant investment.

Our service

1 warranty : one year (except wearing parts), the warranty period for the artificial product damage caused by free ring maintenance.

2 Training : help and guide you to install, commissioning and operate, and repair.

3 Maintenance: equipment failure, no special reasons for the side at short notice within 7 days (except to your site). it will need 5-10 days if you need us to send technical personnel for scene services

4 Parts Services: According to the customer needs to ensure the timely supply of parts.

5 Archives: Providing products and accessories using the manual and other related information.

6 telephone service: Telephone or email to you to find the product usage, and provide technical maintenance and support for free.


1. Q: Why more and more customers choose Shandong Hongang?

A: we are specialized in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality welding machines.

Various products are available in our factory, such as: welder of axle welder, oil tank, silencer, pressure vessels, and steel structure, etc.

We offer you machine as well as technical, and service, to make you and us co-development.

The most important is that we are factory, so our price is most competitive.

2. Q: How was the machine guarantee?

A: We offer you 12 months guarantee.

3. Q: How can we offer the competitive price?

A: We have two reasons. One is that we specially produce as your requirement within production time. The other is we have more than 30 years experience in this line, very familiar with this line.

4. Q: If machines have problem within the guarantee period, how to fix this problem?

A: We have the after-sale department, machine have the problem, we will fix it through from the internet.
We check with you by internet face to face, then if machine part have problem, we exchange the new parts of you , and help, to install it.

5. Q: If the problematic machine can not be fixed well through Internet and phonetic?

A: In the first year, the seller will only charge the buyer the visa, traveling and accommodation fee in case the buyer needs the seller’s engineer to perform necessary repair and maintenance works for the laser machine and chiller in the buyer’s factory.

6. Q: How can i use the machine , if i am the new buyer?

A: We can teach you in the factory face to face , it only take you two days to learn the using. if you have no time, need to come back learn we have the English manual book and working video step by step, we can also teach you through whatsapp or Skype.

7. Q: How do you control your quality?

A: Before we ship our machine to another country, we will test it well,let it go through every of the corner check the accuracy.
Machines can not be dispatched until finished machine pass all essential complicated test after running at least two days without stopping to ensure quality.

8. Q: Do you offer sample? Or sample for free?

A: No, no sample, but we can produce as your design. we can make a trial order for you.