efficient gantry plasma cnc cutting machine for steel industry

Quick Detail:

Using for carbon still, stainless steel, aluminum etc material cutting.
With economical and practical CNC functions.
Easily realize different shapes cutting.
Servo motor, reducer, decompression valve, gas pipe and solenoid valve, cutting torches are all international famous brand, ensuring the quality stable and reliable.


CNC flame&plasma cutting machine is a kind of high-efficient and high-precise multi-functional cutting device, with the function of longitudinal multi-head cutting and transverse straight-end cutting, and it also can do other geometric shape cutting. The gantry type structure design can ensure the high strength and rigidity. It equipped with Japanese Panasonic full-digital AC servo driving system and German Neugart reducer, it runs steadily and cutting with a high precision.


It used for metal cutting in many industries such as steel industry, fabrication industry etc.



ModelDriving typeRail span (mm)Effective cutting width(mm)Cutting thickness(mm)Cutting speed(mm/min)Free running speed(mm/min)Vertical range of the cutting torch(mm)
Flame cuttingPlasma cuttingFlame cuttingPlasma cutting
CNC-CGP-2500Single side250016006-200Depend on plasma power100-750Depend on plasma power6000200
CNC-CGP-3000Single side300021006000200
CNC-CGP-4000Single side400031006000200
CNC-CGP-4000Double side400031006000200
CNC-CGP-5000Double side500041006000200
CNC-CGP-6000Double side600051006000200
CNC-CGP-7000Double side700061006000200
CNC-CGP-8000Double side800071006000200
CNC-CGP-9000Double side9000810012000200
CNC-CGP-11000Double side110001010012000200
CNC-CGP-12000Double side120001110012000200
CNC-CGP-13000Double side130001210012000200

Competitive advantage:

1. Main electric elements are Siemens/Schneider.
2. VFD rotary speed control, improving the reliability of operation.
3. Steel and rubber roller or PU roller which can ensure a long time using.
4. With lubrication system.
5. Accept testing before delivery.
6. Accepy special design and custom.

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