Faced with a variety of desktop CNC plasma cutting machines on the market, various parameters, various configurations, let you see dizziness, do not know where to start, especially customers who have just stepped into this industry, do not know how to To choose the machine, so today Xiaobian will tell you about the choice of desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, this method can also be used on other cutting machine equipment.

According to the thickness of the cutting

1. The cutting thickness of the desktop plasma cutting machine is the most important performance index of the plasma cutting machine, and it is also the index that the user should pay most attention to. At present, although the specifications of the cutting machines of various brands may be the same, the actual cutting thickness is very different. Far, although the specifications and models are the same, the price is often one of the main reasons for the difference. Therefore, when selecting the model, users should not only look at the specification model, but should pay attention to the cutting thickness first. Because this is extremely important for your future use and cost control.

2.  Habitually, the cutting thickness marked by each manufacturer in the publicity materials and instructions is generally the maximum limit cutting thickness, which is the maximum thickness that the product can cut. Although it can be cut, the speed often cannot meet the needs of normal batch processing. When you choose the model number of the machine, you should add a certain margin to the cutting thickness you need for processing. It is recommended to use about 1.4 times of the required processing thickness. For example, the thickness of the sheet you cut often is 25mm. , 25mm × 1.4 = 35mm, then you choose to cut the thickness of 35mm or more models, will be able to meet your cutting thickness needs and can guarantee a certain cutting speed.

3. The cutting thickness and the cutting speed are inversely proportional. The larger the thickness of the cut sheet, the slower the speed; the thinner the thickness of the cut sheet, the faster the speed. Knowing this, you are more convenient when selecting a model.

Other factors to consider when selecting

Load continuation rate: The load continuation rate is also an important parameter of the air plasma cutting machine. The higher the load continuation rate, the longer the continuous working time. At present, the load duration of air plasma cutting machines on the market is between 30% and 60%. It is recommended to select products with high load duration under the same cutting thickness.

Grid voltage: The grid voltage will directly affect the cutting effect. If the grid voltage in this region is low for a long time, the cutting thickness of the air plasma cutter will be affected. Consider the specification of the larger cutting thickness.

According to material selection

The maximum cutting thickness marked by each manufacturer refers to the index when cutting stainless steel. When the material of the cut sheet changes, the maximum cutting thickness will also change. In other words, the maximum cutting thickness of the same type of cutting machine for different materials. It is different, and the order of decreasing is: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and the like. You should take this into consideration when selecting the model, and you should consult the manufacturer clearly.

 Take care to prevent the use of inferior products

At present, the desktop CNC plasma cutting machine cutting equipment and accessories market is very chaotic, especially the torch and electrodes, nozzles and other accessories, inferior products are flooding, the torch is a high-tech product, the process requirements are high, the torch is good or bad. Affect the effect of cutting and the cost; the purity of the copper material and the silk used in the electrode nozzle are strictly required, only the high-quality qualified parts can guarantee the normal cutting, while some inferior products are cheap, but the service life is short, affecting Normal cutting, and it is easy to cause burning of cutting torch and cutting power components, which will bring serious damage to your work. It is not worth the loss. There are many lessons in this regard. Please pay attention when purchasing!