CNC gantry plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine applications:

It is widely used in the process of cutting metal plates in the machinery manufacturing industry, engineering industry and metal fabrication and can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and many kinds of non-ferrous metal.

Machine features:

♦ By employing a highly-precise linear guide-rail and a double-sided motor drive system the machine works noiselessly with high speed and high precision;

♦ The Hypertherm Powermax series CNC plasma cutters have easy to use control interfaces, detailed information with highlighted buttons and are easy to learn and operate;

♦ The machines have the function of automatically memorizing and restoring when the power is off;

♦ The machine also feature automatic arc voltage torch height control, it can adjust cutting distance automatically.

Parameters of the machine:


RM-4080 Plasma flame cutting machine

Machine cutting size

3000x6000mm (Other sizes are customized)

Cutting mode

Plasma and flame

Flame cutting thickness

5-150mm carbon steel

Hypertherm 200A cutting thickness

60mm in theory

Motors and drivers

Japanese Yaskawa or Panasonic

Cutting speed

0-3500mm per minute

Positioning accuracy


Plasma cutting accuracy


Machine voltage


Hypertherm 200A plasma power supply voltage


Transmission system

High precision linear guide rails, gear and rack transmission

Z: automatic arc voltage control

Control system

FL control system

Software support


Instruction format

G code

 Plasma power supply

USA Hypertherm 105A/125A/ 200A

Machine parts

Hypertherm plasma power supply

Hypertherm's plasma power supplies are engineered to deliver industry leading energy, efficiency and productivity with power efficiency ratings of 90% or greater and power factors up to 0.98. Extrame energy efficiency, long consumable life and lean manufacturing all lead to the use of fewer natural resources and a reduced environmental impact.


Hardware Configuration of the control system:

2).Number of axis motion:Two axes motion interpolation (can be extended to three axes)
3).Max code lines:150,000 lines
4).Single cutting code size: 4MB
5).File memory space::Electronic bulk memory chip, 512MB
6).User file memory space:256MB
7).Controlling accuracy:±0.001mm (millimeter)
8).Coordinate range:± 99999.99mm
9).Max pulse frequency:250KHz;Max motion speed:25m/sec.
10).Time resolving capability:10ms
11).System power:DC +24V
12).System working condition:Temperature :0℃ - +55℃;Relative Humidity: 0-95%.
14).Frame:Overall metal structure, electromagnetic radiation resistant, anti interference, anti-static
15).Special configuration:Touch pad, 100m wireless remote controller and wire control box(optional for full range of F2000 series)
16).Support oxygen gas, plasma, powder and simulation demo mode.
17).Keyboard: PCB film keyboard,PS/2 interface, OMRON button

Characteristics of the control system:

1). 45 categories different graphics (including grid pattern), chip part and hole part are alternative.
2). Graphics have some operations such as Proportion, Rotate, Mirror.
3). Graphics can be arrayed in matrix, interaction, stacked modes
4). According to plate thickness, the cutting speed is automatically restricted by a speed limit in the corner, effectively preventing over burn.
5). Metric system/ imperia system switch
6). Steel plate can be adjusted according to any steel side.
7). Coordinate system can be customized to support the two-dimensional coordinates of all eight kinds.
8). All input and output port type and the number can be customized (normally open or normally closed)
9). System and parameters backup, update system online
10).Chinese / English (including Japanese, Russian, French and other languages )file system and menu can be switched only by one key.
11).Select row and column manually.
12).Support edge cutting and offset cutting.
13).Automatically memorize the working situation and the last cutting point when power off.
14).Dynamic/static illustration of the process, graphics zoom in / out, dynamically tracking cut-off point under zooming state.
15).Set up different administration authority to and the corresponding password to safeguard the interests of managers.

Specifications of the THC:

1). Input Power: AC24V+10%,50Hz/60Hz or DC24V±20%;
2). Motor: DC24V DC motor;
3). Motor Drive: PWM;
4). Output current: 0.1A-1.8A;
5). Load capacity: Max 20W;
6).Working temperature: -10-60℃;
7).IHS:Switch IHS & Proximity switch IHS; Do Not support the retaining cap HIS
8). Work way: check the arc enable output, 200mA optical coupler OC door output
9).Voltage Divide ratio: 50:1 non-isolation on voltage divider; 1:1 isolation inside of THC
10). Over protection: PWM adjusting, current feedback;
11). Max speed test: 12000mm/min( it’s related to the setting on the lifter’s speed and motor’s start voltage and sensitivity)