cnc gantry plasma cutter machine

♦. Configuration

1. Mechanical Part

(1) Cross beam/Track: Adopt small square tube welding structure, light weight, rigid and Anti deformation

(2) Transversal guide rail: Adopt high hardness ball bearing steel, diameter is 20 mm.

(3) Longitudinal guide rail: Adopt 24KG high quality rail steel, under precision finishing.

(4) Torch up and down: Adopt ball screw, through type up and down structure.

(5) Transversal drive: Adopt rack & pinion, zero clearance transmission. Drive motor is Panasonic AC servo motor, model MHMD042G1U,

power N=400W, rotation speed n=3000r/min. Reducer model: VRSFS-10B-400-RV(60), i=10.

(6) Longitudinal drive: Adopt rack & pinion, zero clearance transmission. Drive motor is Panasonic AC servo motor, model HF-KN43J-S100,

power N=400W, rotation speed n=3000r/min. Reducer model: VRSFS-10B-400-RV(60), i=10.

2. Gas Tube Part

(1) Gas pipe: made in Korea.

(2) Magnetic valve:AC24V/DC24V

(3) Transversal wiring: Torch adopt industrial plastic drag chain

(4) Longitudinal wiring: Adopt earthing drag chain or hanging pulley

♦. CNC system: STARFIRE


1. Practical oxy-fuel/plasma cutting tech. Under plasma cutting, it can finish corner speed control and THC control automatically.

2. Reliable design, plasma anti-interference, lightning protection, anti-surge.

3. Kerf compensation function, test if the compensation in the program reasonable and report for users choosing.

4. Break point recovery, auto power off point recovery, breakpoints auto memory.

5.Random section select or pierce point select function.

6. Adopt special small lines treatment function, widely applies in metal process, advertisement and iron craft industries.

7. Compatible with most program softwares such as IBE, FastCAM, etc.

8. English operaiton language, dynamic image display, amplify one to eight times, auto tracking for the moving point.

9. USB file transmission and software updating.

Tech Data

n Processor: Industrial level ARM7.

n Display: 10.4 inches colorful LCD;

n Input/output: System supplies 16 Photoelectric isolation input and 14 Photoelectric isolation output.

n Axis: four.

n Max speed:< 24m/min.

n pulse equivalency: Flexible adjusting, optional electronic gear numerator and numerator(1--65535).

n Memory: big memory size 32M--64M, not limit on cutting program.

8. Work temperature: 0°C-- +40°C, store temperature: -40°C-- +60°C

IV. Program software: FASTCAM Professional Edition

This is a fully automated system with a high level of automation and a focus on saving time, plate and piercing.

The ideal solution for high duty cycle machines where the user may get five different jobs with multiple parts for thicknesses.

• Automatic ‘EVERYTHING’: Tool pathing, Pierce, Sequencing, Nesting, Cutlist;

• Multi-job, Multi-part, Multi-plate mixed & Remant Nesting;

• Improved mateiral yield and smart cutting technologies incuding common cutting and 4 types of bridging (for various industries)..

• Dramatic reduction in pierce.

• A 50% reduction in programming time with automatic tool pathing.

• Bulk features for programming speed-file import, editing, export, etc.

♦. Plasma Power Source: (Detail as attached / User Supply)

♦. Seller will provide:

1. Drawing of installation base;

2. Drawing of bar and bracket;

3. Drawing of semi-dry work table;

4. Drawing of air collecting bar.

♦. Buyer prepare:

1.Machine room place: 6×16 (square meters)

2. Others:

1. The concrete or H-beam steel installation base under guide rail press board; (seller supply reference drawing)

2.Suspending lines use I iron beam and frame (seller supply reference drawing)

3. Steel working table; (seller supply reference drawing)

4. High pressure gas flow busbar to fuel tank and air compressor;

5. Office computer for programming (WindowsXP, over AutoCAD2002 drawing software and U disk.)

6. Crane for machine installation, welding tools and consumption material, one welding technician, one ironsmith.

7. Commissioning and inspection material.

8. Plasma power source earthing cable.

♦ Main tech data


Honeybee Eco-series Gantry CNC Cutting Machine
StructureGantry, dual drive
Track span & Guide rail3000×6000mm
Effective cutting size2400×4500mm
TransmissionLongitudinal and Transversal main trolleys: rack & pinion

Transversal slave trolley: steel belt

Tube Transmission

Transveral: Industrial plastric drag chain;

Longitudinal: Hanging pulleys or earthing drag chain

Cutting thicknessOxy-fuel 6-150 mm;

Plasma: depends on plasma capacity;

Torch No.2
Torch height controlMotorized
Servo systemAC servo systems
Speed regulation range0--12 m/min
Cutting fuelOxy-fuel: Oxygen +Acetylene/Propane

Plasma: Depends on plasma power source require

File transmissionUSB
AccuracyComplete machine: accords with JB/T5102-1999 standard