CNC table plasma cutting machine

CNC precision cutting machine, which is newly developed high-speed and precision of small cutting machine, very find adaptation of plasma and laser-type forms of plasma cutting. By the control system, the cutting torch device, the torch body, two die planes and beams composed of vertical and horizontal movement are precision-grade ball linear guide for guide, good precision-oriented. Rack- type structure as a whole, for the welding box beam structure, the installation of the horizontal beam-drive devices and cutting torch lateral movement of ball- type linear guide;
Bilateral-driven machine has pair of identical vertical drive unit, installed in the rack on the precision rack shelves through the end of the servo motor driven precision output gear, so that client to conduct a longitudinal plane exercise. Machine running smooth, cutting and high accuracy.
The horizontal movements of main torch, which is through motion of pinion liner of precision rack on the drive unit. The geometry of client required which be controlled by computer.
This machine is particularly applicable to, the book plate of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel sheet of high-speed cutting

Main specifications

ModelWorktable sizeCutting thicknessMax speedDrive type
CNCTG-1250x25001250x2500mm1-16mm25m/minbilateral drive
CNCTG-1500x30001500x3000mm1-16mm25m/minBilateral drive
CNCTG-2000x30002000x3000mm1-16mm25m/minBilateral drive
CNCTG-2000x40002000x4000mm1-16mm25m/minBilateral drive
CNCTG-3000x50003000x5000mm1-16mm25m/minBilateral drive
CNCTG-3000x60003000x6000mm1-16mm25m/minBilateral drive

Our Services

1.Standardization of Service "212"

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2.Installation Service
Installation Services are available with all HYMT machines. We dispatch technician to customer's
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3.Training Service
Our technician is available to your factory and offer training of how to use our machines. As well, you
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4.Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance is the same as
the data of samples making). We sign the agreement with detailed technical data.
We arrange final test before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use customer's
materials for test. After making sure machine is the best performance, then make shipments.

Basic Info

Model NO: RM-1250x2500
cutting speed25mm/Min
CNC Ontroller:Micro Edge-PRO/Edge PRO/Sjtu-Sk
Drive Motor:Servo Motor, Panasonic
Transport Package:Veneer Case
worktable: 1250x2500mm
HS Code:845690100